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About Me

Hello! I'm Varun. I'm extremely passionate about Game Development, VFX and Movies and Computer Graphics. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and artist and the computer to be my canvas. 

After finishing my 12th grade studies in 2020, I got an opportunity to study Computer Science in one of the top engineering colleges in my city. 2020 was also when the COVID lockdown was imposed. As a result, all of my classes were online. During this time, I realized that I wasn't going to learn anything about game development in this degree. So, I decided to learn it on my own using the internet. 

After working and learning on multiple game engines and platforms, in August 2021, I stumbled upon Crayta, which was a UGC Game platform being developed by Facebook (Meta). I found great success with Crayta, quickly rising up to be one of the best creators on the platform. In May 2022, I was selected to be one of approximately 50 people worldwide to be a part of Crayta's Ignition Contract Program, which empowered me to quit my engineering degree so I could focus on what I really loved, game development.

In this journey, I've realized my true passion to learn Visual Effects and hopefully join the Movies and Games industry, and one day, open my very own Studio.

Here, you can find my
Games, Art and other stuff that I've created and also, my resume.

You can reach me at

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