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2D Multiplayer Shooter

Game Overview

  • ULTRA KILL! is a team based multiplayer shooter Game with a side scroller view that I created on Crayta.

  • Crayta didn't have support for side scrollers or 2D Games natively, so it was a fun challenge to create this Game.

  • Players had a Jetpack they would use to fly around the Map

  • It has a Class System with 4 Classes you can choose from. Each Class has a unique Ability created using my Ability Creator Package.

  • There are 2 Maps: Jungle and Arcade City

  • Power Ups created using my Power Up Creator Package to add onto the fun.

  • This Game won the Silver Award for Best Game in February 2022 and Crayta staff called it "The best working 2D Shooter we've seen on Crayta! Great maps, great use of packages, and implemented lots of feedback brilliantly!"


image (8).png
image (6).png
image (7).png
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