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What are Packages?

Packages were art or code based plugins that Creators could install in their own Crayta projects to help with development. I loved creating them, and they're what I spent most of my time creating in Crayta. Many of my Packages were requests by other Creators to help add a certain feature or gameplay mechanic to their Games, and therefore, became some of the most used Packages on Crayta. Here are some examples.

Click on the Package names to view their Documentation and Forum Guides with detailed instructions on how to use them. You can open this Google Drive link to view Package Gameplay videos and Awards Videos (720p). Alternatively, you can watch Awards Videos (1080p60 or 4K) on this YouTube Channel or click on the Award text to go to the video directly.

(I hope the forum website is still active)


Silver (March 2022) and Bronze (April 2022) Award Winner!
Silver (March 2022) Award Winner!
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